ASOT 01: Big Trouble in Little Shiganshina

Introducing A Slap on Titan, the hilariously offensive parody of the entire Attack on Titan anime. In the first episode, Eren Jaeger learns dark family secrets, fights with the Garrison, comforts his creepy best friend, and has a very, very bad day. More Info

Credits View the Cast & Crew from this Episode

Eren – Casey May
Mikasa, Petra, Ymir, Rico – Memos
Armin – Tom Andre
Colossal Titan – KJ @Playlegit
Hannes – Jason J.
Mother – Jane W.
Narrator – Holodeck
Civilians, Guards – Hector Gutierrez, Matt G, Tim S, The Canadian
Audio Engineering & Tech – The Canadian, Katie
Video Engineering – Jason J.

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