ASOT 13: Messiah Complex

The Battle for Trost reaches fever pitch. Jean seeks to evade the ravenous genital-chomping terror stalking him, as his friends take turns proving their worthlessness in battle. Meanwhile, the Special Squad encounters a massive group of Titans blocking the gate. As unexpected foes and allies come out of the woodwork, it all comes down to Eren to finally prove he can actually, for once in this god damn series, do something useful.
Also, the Titan Tenors perform a breathtaking rendition of a certain classic 90’s song. Ready your hearts, ladies. This one’ll make you swoon. More Info

Credits View the Cast & Crew from this Episode

Eren, Reiner, Erwin, Sarge – Casey May
Mikasa, Ymir, Rico, Petra – Memos
Armin, Pixis, Levi – Tom Andre
Marco, Colossal Titan, “Bite yo dick” Titan – KJ @Playlegit
Hannes, Jean – Jason J.
Annie, Krista, Mother – Jane W.
Narrator, Sasha, Hanji – Holodeck
Connie – Hector Gutierrez
Ian, Bert – The Canadian
DogBoy, Pixis’ Guard – Matt Goshert
Anka – Iradescence
Squad Leader – Greg Benson
Civilians, Guards, Titans – Hector Gutierrez, Matt G, KJ @Playlegit, #24601, Tom Andre, Greg Benson
Audio Engineering & Tech – The Canadian
Videography – Jason Johns
Editing and Special Effects – Jason Johns and Tom Andre
Written & Directed by Tom Andre

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