ASOT 16: A Midsummer Night’s Scream

In the long-awaited 16th Episode, the traumatized cadets of the 104th must make the most important decision of their lives, all while staving off PTSD and sexual inadequacy. Meanwhile, preparations are set for a major operation outside the walls. Will Eren re-unite with his friends? Will Connie ever reach his dreams? Can Commander Erwin convince a single person to join the Survey Corps? All this and more in the latest episode of Slap! More Info

Credits View the Cast & Crew from this Episode

Eren, Reiner, Erwin, Turbo Turban – Casey May
Mikasa, Ymir, Petra – Memos
Armin, Levi – Tom Andre
Marco, Oluo – KJ @Playlegit
Jean – Jason J.
Annie, Krista – Jane W.
Narrator, Sasha – Holodeck
Connie – Hector Gutierrez
Gunther – Daniel Johnson
Erd – Greg Benson
DogBoy, Pixis’ Guard – Matt Goshert
Anka – Iradescence
Civilians, Guards, Titans – Hector Gutierrez, Matt G, KJ @Playlegit, #24601, Tom Andre, Greg Benson
Audio Engineering & Tech – The Canadian
Videography – Jason Johns
Editing and Special Effects – Tom Andre
Written & Directed by Tom Andre

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