ASOT 17: The Crimson King

The Survey Corps embarks upon Operation Space Rainbow, only to encounter danger at every turn. Between titans, dysfunctional teammates, and one very rude, pissed off woman, it’ll take a new hero to see humanity through. It’ll take The Crimson King. More Info

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New People!
Female Titan – LynElíz Bergs
Sasha’s Commander – Akeem Lawanson (Link)
Luke Siss – DJ Stuck from 2D6 (Link)
Eren, Reiner, Erwin, Turbo Turban, “Serpentine”, “That’s What She Said” – Casey May
Mikasa, Ymir, Petra – Memos
Armin, Levi, Obese Titan – Tom Andre
Marco, Oluo – KJ @Playlegit
Jean, Hannes – Jason J.
Spider-Titan – Derrick W.
Annie, Krista – Jane W.
Narrator, Sasha, Hanji – Holodeck
Connie – Hector Gutierrez
Gunther – Daniel Johnson
Erd – Greg Benson
DogBoy, Pixis’ Guard – Matt Goshert
Anka – Iradescence
Audio Engineering & Tech – The Canadian
Videography, Asst. Editing – Jason Johns
Webmaster and Asst. Editing – Uriah B.
Lead Editor and Special Effects – Tom Andre
Written & Directed by Tom Andre
A HUGE thank you to Memos for additional writing on this episode, as well as Jason Johns for foley and SFX work!!!

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