Frequently Asked Questions

What IS A Slap On Titan?
A woefully offensive and wonderfully hilarious parody of the entire Attack On Titan anime.

When can we expect the next episode?

We try to release new episodes within a month, after the previous one. However, life does happen and for that reason we cannot guarantee release dates.

Are you looking for more Voice Actors?

We currently aren’t holding open auditions for roles; there are many factors that prevent us from doing so, as well as geographical, logistical, and space-time continual constraints. What we’re trying to say is we’re dark gods, sent from the future by the Ancient Ones, to colonize this planet for purposes that the human mind – and indeed most sentient life – just simply can’t comprehend. And unfortunately, open auditions are something we couldn’t make fit with the Galactic Plan.

Trust us. We would offer them if we could!

Can you come to ____ Con?

We pay for ourselves to visit conventions and because of this, there is a limit on what conventions are viable to visit. Check out our current schedule here.
If you would like us to appear at a con near you, contact your local con administrators and demand they have us! Requesting via con forums is also handy.
Long story short we LOVE meeting people at conventions, doing panels and putting on original comedies (i.e., our infamous “Implausible Fanfiction” panel, muahahahaha). Let your con admins know about glory of the Walls, and you just might see Mister Whiskers at your next convention!

What’s going to happen at ____ point in the show?!?

There is a plan… for nearly every event in the series. But we don’t want to spoil them!

Are you planning on parodying any other animes?

Currently not; making each ASOT episode takes over 100+ hours of editing alone and we just don’t have the time, resources or manpower to do two shows at once! Maybe someday in the future…

I have a hilarious idea for the show, are you interested?!

Yes! We do listen to our viewers, and if you have a really funny idea for a future episode/arc/video we are all ears! We have a lot already planned out, but if something has very good potential we will do our best to incorporate it. Feel free to email any suggestions to, and you just might see your name in the credits at the end of the season ;)

Who is Mister Whiskers?

A dark, dark force in Armin’s life and mind.

How does the Ascot Man know the names of all the children he beats?

Certain things happen when you embark on the path of dishing out ass-whuppins to small children. Knowing the names of those you beat happens to be one of them.

Shouldn’t you all be locked-up inside prison?

The answer to that is definitely yes, but not because of this show. Parodies enjoy significant protection under copyright law, and we’ve found most companies are very reasonable when dealing with copyright claims. Additionally, we do this because deep at heart we LOVE the anime, and want the entire world to see it. Our parody happens to be how we express that sentiment!

I still think you should all be in prison.


Do you have a forum?

Unfortunately, due to the time constraints of members on the team, it’s incredibly difficult to properly manage a forum at this time.

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