Episode 18 “Moves like Jaeger” is live!

Not dead yet! As Sarge berates Armin for failing to produce Slap’s latest episode in a timely manner, we catch back up with the Survey Corps to find all is NOT well. Our heroes are trapped beyond the Walls and under attack by a special Titan. Will the Survey Corps be able to survive? Will Eren Jaeger be able to …

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Anime on Location Interview at Animatic Con 2017

During our Guest appearance at Animatic Con 2017, we were interviewed by Cameron Carlson with AnimeOnLocation.tv. You can watch the latest shenanigans and hear us talk about our Panels below or directly on their  YouTube Channel! Want more interviews? Check out our Press & Media page.

Interview on TFS Podcast Episode #56

#TIBA has come to a close, so to celebrate, Antfish and HBI interview Tom Andre, winner of the first ever Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon (TIBA), discussing the writing, recording, and editing process.

We’ve won #TIBA!

Announcement time… we won #TIBA!!! It’s official, we are the winners of Team Four Star’s Tenkaichi Ironman Budokai Abridgathon! It is a massive honor to receive top prize in the first ever #TIBA tournament! We are thrilled and flattered to accept this award with such strong competition. With the success of Star Wrecked, you can rest assured that you haven’t seen the …

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Interview by The Outer Haven

Cody Maynard, from The Outer Haven, caught up Tom after Matsuricon 2016. His quest was to find out how our group got started, where we’re going next, and why the hell we chose erotic fan-fiction [Implausible Fanfiction Panel] of all things. Interview with Comedy Group ASOT – The Outer Haven It’s actually inspiring that something like this can come from a group of …

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#TIBA 2016 Entry – Star Wrecked: The Fall of Cthulhu

And now for something completely different! This is Team Slap’s official entry into Teamfourstar’s #TIBA 2016 abridging contest (more info here). Check it out, cheer us on and wish us luck! While investigating a mysterious spaceship, the Enterprise stumbles upon an ancient, evil cosmic entity. Will Captain James T. Kirk and his crew be able to overcome such horror? Or will …

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