Behind the Scenes

You know how they say… What happens inside the Walls, stays inside the Walls?  Well no longer!
Thanks to the combination of alcohol and repercussions of drunk dialing, the 104th Squad has leaked what really goes on inside Walls Maria, Rose, and Sina.

videosVideos o’ Slap

Watch Behind the Scenes

Did the Blair Witch Project have the right idea, getting it all on film?

Well, we hope so because our madness has also been caught on film!

TechSpecsHardware and Software

Tech Specs

What does it take to build The Walls?  Would Hanji approve of your hardware?

Take a look behind the technological curtain which allows ASOT to exist.

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Panels and Attendees

The warpath outlining a Slap on Titan’s conquest of the convention circuit.

Want more? Bust out your omni-directional mobility gear and head over to our Gallery.

premieres-previousPast Premieres


We’ve been on the big screen! Well, they were localized showings on one big screen, one at a time…

Watch the masses bask in the Glory of The Walls by heading over to our Gallery for event photos!

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