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We’re on your local news?! Oh wait, no we’re not… yet. But we’ve appeared in Podcasts and Contests online!


theouterhavenInterview with Comedy Group ASOT – The Outer Haven

September 2016


Cody Maynard, from The Outer Haven, caught up Tom after Matsuricon 2016.

In his interview, he seeks to find out how our group got started, where we’re going next, and why the hell we chose erotic fan-fiction [Implausible Fanfiction Panel] of all things.

Read the all about it in the full interview via: link

It’s actually inspiring that something like this can come from a group of friends just setting out to have fun. – Cody

Doing the research for this panel was absolutely nuts. I’d heard about how dark, how terrible some of these stories got, but man…I was not ready. I still have nightmares about the one tale of ‘Thomas the Tank Engine rage-fucking Indiana Jones’. -Tom

Podcast-ACastOnTitanA Cast on Titan Podcast 82 – Talking AOT Manga w/ Tom Andre

June 2016

Tom Andre returns to talk about one of his characters (*ANIME SPOILERS*) on A Cast on Titan’s Podcast!

During ACOT’s Chapter 82 Abberant, he is interviewed by members of r/ShingekiNoKyojin featuring Stiller3 / scottyv23 / DarthMewtwo /  wx_bombadil.

You can listen now via: soundcloud SoundCloud or youtube YouTube!


Anime on Location – ASOT Interview at Animatic Con 2016

April 2016

During our Guest appearance at Animatic Con 2016, we were  interviewed by Cameron Carlson with

You can watch the latest shenanigans and hear us talk about our Panels online via: youtube YouTube!

…from right out-the-bat we decided to do it as high quality and as good as possible. Starting with the writing and going into every aspect of production beyond. -Tom

It’s all for the kids, man. -KJ


A Cast on Titan  Podcast 65 – ASOT Interview w/ Tom Andre

January 2015

Tom Andre made a guest appearance on A Cast on Titan’s Podcast back in February 2015!

During ACOT’s Chapter 65 Abberant, he is interviewed by members of r/ShingekiNoKyojin featuring Stiller3 / scottyv23 / DarthMewtwo.

Want to hear about the origins and more behind-the-scenes goodness? Listen now via: soundcloud SoundCloud or youtube YouTube!

Armin is like cocaine, you can only do so much. – ACOT
Yeah, you have to have him in his quantities. -Tom

Levi is one of the most challenging aspects of making this parody series because I want him to be badass but I also want him to be a douchebag. …it’s a very fine line to walk. -Tom

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