Choices galore.

autoplayvidsPlay All – A Slap on Titan

Auto Play Every Episode

Yeah, you want it ALL – don’t you…

Well here it is, every episode and trailer for A Slap on Titan, to date.

episodesIndividual Episodes

Choose Your Destiny

Being selective tonight? That’s alright, we Armin will understand.

Connie would go all-in but here you can choose which to watch.

highlightsShorts and Clips

Highlights from the Show

Feeling down? Then allow Sarge shove his boot so far and fast up your asshole that it will trigger a geological event.

Not feeling that? How about Eren vs The Colossal Douchebag or some Stabbin Cabin love from the Ascot Man!


Behind the Curtain

Some answers to “How did they do it that?!”

And maybe future guides/how-tos … eventually.


Behind the Scenes

Videos o’ Slap

Did the Blair Witch Project have the right idea, getting it all on film?

Well, we hope so because our madness has also been caught on film!

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