Our FAILED Review of the Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie

Tom, Yamino, and Jason Johns went to the theaters this Wednesday to watch the premiere for the live-action movie…and everything failed.


So we got drinks instead. But what we saw of the movie was terrible. You should still watch it anyway, it’s hilariously awkward and will provide laughs for hours. One day we might actually get a real review posted!

Many thanks to:

  • Yamino for providing camera and laughs (follow her at www.facebook.com/Yamin0Cosplay !)
  • The Gateway (gatewayfilmcenter.org) for being the only theater brave enough to show this in Columbus,
  • Anime Punch (www.animepunch.org) for throwing both the screening and party,
    Old North Arcade (oldnortharcade.com) for helping us forget the travesty we witnessed, and
  • Funimation for bringing this movie to the States, no matter how silly it may be.