Episode 14 “The People vs. Eren Jaeger” is live!

Tom has been waiting for years to do this one. Enjoy, click here! SPECIAL NOTE: Episode 15 is gonna be a while…we weren’t able to secure recording until August 2nd, so I’m pushing to get it out by August 25th or sooner. Preferably much, much sooner. The good news is after Episode 15, all further episodes will be on a monthly release …

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SlapOnTitan.com is here!

Welcome to the new site! We’re still extremely new and developing the website, so it’s not much to look at YET…but soon, it will be a mighty Rancor of galactic destruction. We’re gonna have the full series up, and so much more. Check back weekly for awesome updates!

Hello Slap on Titan fans!

Tomandre here, and welcome to slapontitan.com! WOOOO! You made it! This will be a fully functional website very soon. It will also look a HELL of a lot prettier than this :D You can expect all our videos to show up here, as well as Team Slap news, convention plans, awkward photos, links to the show’s social media (and some …

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