Episode 17 “The Crimson King” is live!

The Female Titan has arrived! The Survey Corps embarks upon Operation Space Rainbow, only to encounter danger at every turn. Between titans, dysfunctional teammates, and one very rude, pissed off woman, it’ll take a new hero to see humanity through. It’ll take The Crimson King. Looks like a bumpy start for the Scouts! Who is this majestic new creature, will she …

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Slap invading Cincinnati this weekend at Animatic Con

We’re doing a thing, ALL THE THINGS! Live around the Cincinnati (Ohio) area? Slap is coming out of the… to the con! That’s right, we’ll be out at Animatic Con all weekend (April 29 – May 1). Panels? Yup, here are the panels we have lined-up: Implausible Fanfiction (18+) Join us for a night of hilarity and debauchery as the cast of A Slap …

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C2E2 2016: Can’t Comprehend Enthusiastic Exhibitionists

** flutters ** evil crow ** On that day, mankind received a happy reminder… Of the sensation of being slapped… Of the many chuckles of being trapped inside a with parodist… We lived in anticipation of episode releases, and were enthralled to roam these halls we called C2E2. That’s right, some of the Slap Crew was roaming around C2E2 last weekend! While we had no panels and …

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Episode 16 “A Midsummer Night’s Scream” is live!

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals! In the long-awaited 16th Episode, the traumatized cadets of the 104th must make the most important decision of their lives, all while staving off PTSD and sexual inadequacy. Meanwhile, preparations are set for a major operation outside the walls. Will Eren re-unite with his friends? Will Connie ever reach his dreams? Can Commander Erwin convince …

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Preview of Episode 16

LONG TIME, NO SLAP!!! That all changes, this Christmas! Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, you’re gonna get a damn good episode in your stocking! Maybe something extra special, if Santa’s elves get their act together. Our Editor in Chief has been slammed with work and school the past few months, but it’s winter break time which means more editing! Some fantastic stuff is …

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Store Now Available via Represent.com

Shirts are finally back! WOO HOO! We’re planning more ASOT items be made available… someday. But for now, shirts are in! Check out our new Store page for more info.

Our FAILED Review of the Live-Action Attack on Titan Movie

Tom, Yamino, and Jason Johns went to the theaters this Wednesday to watch the premiere for the live-action movie…and everything failed. So we got drinks instead. But what we saw of the movie was terrible. You should still watch it anyway, it’s hilariously awkward and will provide laughs for hours. One day we might actually get a real review posted! …

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Episode 14 “The People vs. Eren Jaeger” is live!

Tom has been waiting for years to do this one. Enjoy, click here! SPECIAL NOTE: Episode 15 is gonna be a while…we weren’t able to secure recording until August 2nd, so I’m pushing to get it out by August 25th or sooner. Preferably much, much sooner. The good news is after Episode 15, all further episodes will be on a monthly release …

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SlapOnTitan.com is here!

Welcome to the new site! We’re still extremely new and developing the website, so it’s not much to look at YET…but soon, it will be a mighty Rancor of galactic destruction. We’re gonna have the full series up, and so much more. Check back weekly for awesome updates!