ASOT 11: Pixis Likes!

Second Season has arrived!! Eren seeks to prove his worth amongst depraved mentors, General Pixis battles low morale and alcoholism, Armin plots and schemes, and the greatest team ever cobbled together by drunks descends into Trost. More Info

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Eren, Reiner, Erwin, Sarge – Casey May
Mikasa, Ymir, Rico, Petra – Memos
Armin, Pixis, Levi, Carl – Tom Andre
Marco, Colossal Titan – KJ @Playlegit
Hannes, Jean – Jason J.
Krista, Mother – Jane W.
Narrator, Sasha – Holodeck
Connie – Hector Gutierrez
Ian – The Canadian
DogBoy – Matt Goshert
Anka – Iradescence
Scary-Faced Guard – #24601
Civilians, Guards, Titans – Hector Gutierrez, Matt G, KJ @Playlegit, #24601, Tom Andre
Audio Engineering & Tech – The Canadian
Videography – Jason Johns
Editing and Special Effects – Jason Johns and Tom Andre
Written & Directed by Tom Andre

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